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5 easy ways to change your emotions instantly

5 easy ways to change your emotions instantly

Does your mind feel foggy sometimes? Do you feel like don’t want to do anything because you feel bad or annoyed? Believe me, we all do. But we all want an easier life and work productively, right?  Studies show that productivity is related to the emotions. When you feel positive, you work faster and better. When you feel bad, your work stutters.

So, in order to be efficient in work or have a good day, we cannot let our feeling control us. In fact, there are many ways to manipulate our emotions. These methods are easy to master and effective. Keep reading to find out what they are.


1. Find out the thought that triggered the emotions

Emotions are usually provoked by thoughts and beliefs, and, yet, they are sometimes deeply hidden and hard to find out.

For example, one of the common stimuli of bad feeling is the assumption that “you are not good enough”.

After you have found out the unwanted thoughts, you can apply the method of cognitive reconstructing. By replacing the false beliefs with a corrective thought, it can change your emotion. However, you first have to believe in that correct thought yourself.

To illustrate this, my experiences in taking oral exams could be a good example.

I am not an extrovert. I used to be very nervous when I was having oral exams in any languages. My hidden assumption was that my speaking skills weren’t good enough and the others always seemed to be more confident and speak more fluently than me.

But the situation changed after I realized that I can speak pretty well when I was not having exams. When I was in class, I could talk to anyone normally, or even give a speech. The ” I am not good enough” thought only came when I had exams. Now that I replaced the belief with “Oral exam is nothing different than normally “chit chat”, I feel less nervous in tests.


2. Problem-focused Coping

The other way that can alter your emotion is to focus on the problem itself. Rather simply pay attention to how bad you feel, you may want to actually do something practical.

Think about what problems have caused the emotions and then shift your focus to the problems. Find a solution for it. It will make you feel a lot better because you are making progress, but not stuck in one place.

From being emotional to doing something, no matter what it is or how effective it is, can give people a sense of improvement and distract you from your feeling. In fact, sometimes it is unnecessary and useless to deal with your emotions.

When the problem is solved, the trauma is gone.


3. Fill in the sentence.

This can give you motivations and make you think positively. Change your feeling from one to another. When you feel bad, you can ask yourself to finish the following sentence

 If I keep being like this, I would…

The situation would change, if I can…

I can do this because…

Sentences like this can direct your focus from emotion to other things and change your feeling to the positive side. Start your sentence with “if” because it allows more possibility and provokes a bright imagination of future.


4. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

It is a technique that helps relax your body. Your emotion and body are linked. Your muscle is usually very tight when you are nervous or under pressure and your mind blurs. By releasing the tension of your body, you would be calmer and be able to think more clearly.

Here is a video that guides you through the relaxation process. Feel free to try this out


5. 3 Minutes relaxation

It is a method that I read from the book by Bredon Burchard, High Performance.  It is a shorter and simpler version of the PMR technique. Here is the step

  1. release your whole body by saying the mantra “release” repeatedly (I prefer “relax”)
  2. Keep doing this for 2-3 minutes
  3. Think about what emotion you want to bring to your next events.

I find this method particularly useful because it is simple and I can do it anytime. I don’t have to find a place to sit down and close my eyes for 15 minutes (because it is weird to do in the public). The key point here is to anticipate the feeling you want and the atmosphere you would like to make.


6. Write everything down

Photo by Tyler Nix onUnsplash

When you are upset or going through emotions, grab a paper and a pen, and write down everything coming to your head. Don’t think about anything, just write. After maybe a few minutes, you will feel sort of release because you vent out all the turmoil in your mind.

This is especially useful when you have no one to talk to or you don’t want to let others know your feeling. But don’t just stop there. Keep your head high and get yourself back on track.


The above methods are what I use in my daily life and are proven to be useful. It is important for me to maintain optimism and feel the clarity my mind, otherwise, I break down easily. Therefore, I am constantly finding new ways to control my emotion. Hopefully, it can help you have an easier life as well.

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