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6 mindsets that help you be successful

6 mindsets that help you be successful

Everyone wants to be successful, but not much did. What are their secret recipes? What do we need?


The answer is the correct mindsets. They are so powerful that they can change the whole game. So which mindset leads the way to succeed and which one we need specifically?

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  1. Growth mindset

Carol Dweck, one of the leading researcher at Standford University, said people with the fixed mindset believe their abilities are innate and can’t be improved.

On the contrary, people having growth mindset think that their abilities and intelligent can be improved through hard work and effort. They take every challenge as opportunities to become a better person.

This is important because it put you in an active position, which makes you take every chance to evolve and you can cope with failure more easily.

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  1. Self-compassion

Self-compassion, similar to compassion is to understand the suffering of yourself. Instead of self-criticism, you support yourself and think positively. People with self-compassion accept the reality as it is.

How does it related to success? Pessimistic thinking often blinds us from opportunities and lowers our self-esteem. But, self-compassion and growth mindset are both positive thinking. And they help us look forward and make improvement


  1. Be proactive

If you want to be successful, you should never wait for the chance to come to you, because they won’t. Look around carefully, the opportunities may be nearby. Find the gap of the market and you will be the pioneer.

Chances are everywhere; they’re just waiting to be found. If you don’t take it yourself, you’re letting the external forces control you. Find them and create your own path.

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  1. Continuous and life-long learning

Most of us spend about 20 to 25 years in school. But we still have many years to live afterwards. Are you going to stop learning after that? The world never stops changing. So you have to keep up with it if you want to stay in the game and be the winner.

Take the online course, open a book or even talk to someone. Anywhere can be a place for you to learn. Just don’t stop learning and return home empty-handed. We’re lucky to have so many resources online, so don’t waste it.

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  1. Self-reflections

It is often said that the best way to learn a thing is by acting. But it is just half-truth. Only when you reflect on the results and your action, can you truly learn from it? If knowledge has not been processed in your mind, it is never yours.

Self-reflection is not about blaming yourself, but looking forward and prepare for the future. Instead of condemning, you should look at how you can improve and do better next time.


  1. Learn to communicate and cooperate

Daniel Goleman in his HBR (Harvest Business Review) articles “What makes a leader?” said that emotional competence is crucial to leaders’ success. In fact, it is usually the soft skills that make one successful.

Can you listen to people actively? Do you have good relationships with peers and others? There are lots of things you can’t do it alone. You have to have someone to back you up. For leaders, soft skills are of special importance because it determines whether your subordinate respect and support you.


These mindsets are crucial if you want to be successful. They deal with almost all aspects of life (except physical health and it is important as well). Remember them and change how you think slowly. Eventually, you find yourself on the right path.

Do you believe in you can succeed? Tell me in the comment section below!

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