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6 tactics that help you learn a language fast

6 tactics that help you learn a language fast

你好! Hallo! Guten Tag! おはよ!

Being able to speak lots of languages is awesome, right? But learning a new language is not easy, especially when it is a different origin to your mother tongue. However, don’t just give up yet. Human brain is super powerful. With the right tactics and methods, anyone can learn a language fast.


  1. Find the suitable techniques

Have you heard of mnemonic and flashcard? They are some techniques for memorization. Learning language inevitable needs to memorize vocabularies. But I am sure you want to do it the old way, copy, copy and copy.

The good news is you don’t need to. There are actually lots of ways to remember a word. You just need to know a little bit about how your brain works and the try different method to find the one suitable for you.

Remember, methods that work on others aren’t necessarily good for you. Everyone recommends using mnemonic. But I am not a visual learner and I don’t like weird stories, so I prefer the other ways.

Just try and find your way. But don’t follow others without testifying yourself.


  1. Get yourself into it

Do you know why you can speak English your native language so well? Because you are using it every day! You are reading it, speaking it and listening to it. That’s why you can learn it so well that you don’t even need to think about it. Every word just comes out naturally.

So if you want to speak like a native, you learn like a baby. Surround yourself with your target language. If you want to be good at German, just like me, you read German newspaper, listen to German music, instead of English books and songs.

Remember, learning a new language is about using it. If you don’t get yourself familiarize with it, you are never going to be good at it.


  1. Use a language apps

Have you heard of Doulingo, Memerise, Rosetta Stone? These are the most popular language apps. In fact, you can find many more similar apps in app store. And most of them are free!

What I am trying to say is there are some great resources out there waiting for you. Especially when you just start learning a new one, these apps offer great courses for beginners.

They make learning a new language much easier. Bring your phone; you can learn whatever you want anytime and anywhere



  1. Find a partner online

With the Internet, the world has no boundary. Everyone is connected. So you can go online and find a partner to learn together or even meet someone who speaks your target language.

You can go join a Facebook group like I joined the Doulingo German learning group and find the people who have the common goal. Having people by your side can motivate you and you can improve faster.


  1. Find a partner in your area

I know that tandem partner is a trend in Europe and other western countries. I believe that it is not difficult to find your own tandem partner that is near you and can meet in the face.

But if you’re not that lucky (just like me), you can still give Meetup a try. Surprisingly, there are many groups that organize language exchange activities. The good thing about Meetup group is that it has usually lots of people and makes the whole conversation less awkward because the event holder usually guides you through the whole conversations.

So if you can’t a tandem partner, go to Meetup!


  1. Couch surfing

It may seem funny. What does couch surfing have to do with learning? I am not telling you to go travel and live in a stranger house. Instead, I want you to be a tour guide and show your city to those backpackers.

Create a good image for your home and practice your language at the same time. What’s better than that?



Here are my suggestions. Hope you find them useful. Everyone has a different learning path. Don’t get frustrated if you are not seeing any progress. The fastest way to learn a language is to keep doing it with a system and suitable method. 

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