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How to increase productivity by making decisions

How to increase productivity by making decisions

On the first day of the New Year, you write a plan for yourself and you are full of aspiration. But the next week you have already forgotten it and live your life just as nothing happened. This scenario is familiar to most of us. Yet we don’t want it to happen. We want to accomplish something, to make ourselves a better person. But somehow we just lack the motivation to do this and we have low productivity.


I know you want to be successful; you want to be those guys on Forbes or on TV. You may wonder why they can do this and that. How come they can be so focused and accomplish so much. Why couldn’t I?


In fact, you can.


Motivation is more like a skill, akin to reading or writing that can be learned and honed.     – by Charles Duhigg


Here is a tip on how to make you from merely thinking to actually move and act.


Do you remember when you’re teen; you wanted to decide when to go out and go home. You didn’t want to comply with your parents and you even argued with them about it. Why did you do that? Because you want to be an adult, you want to have a choice and freedom. You want to decide everything for yourself.


Human always desires freedom and want to have everything under control. This feeling is innate. When we can be the boss and make the decisions, we feel good and it gives us a sense of superiority. These good feeling are the tricks for being motivated.


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When you want to do something, but you can’t get yourself moving, you can offer yourself some choices. If you want to write, but couldn’t make yourself get to the table and take up your pen or open the laptop, you may ask yourself doing nothing or writing? But you need to give a reason for that and it should be linked to your higher goals (maybe be a writer). Now you have turned on your computer but don’t know how to start and you are about to give up, you ask yourself to write the opening or the ending? That way, you keep making decisions until you finish what you want to do.


That underlying principle is, by giving yourself some choices, it creates a sense of having control and making you feel good. You get to choose what to do, instead of being forced to do it. But remember you need to link your choice to your goal so that you have clarity on why you’re doing this and keep motivated. Keep yourself on track with the goal you decided.


Here are some steps you may want to follow:

  1. Set up your goal
  2. Give reasons for that
  3. Break your goal into different stages with actions
  4. Take the actions
  5. When you want to quit, give choices and make a decision
  6. Give reasons on why and how it relates to your goals
  7. Repeat step 5 and 6 until you accomplish your goals


The key is making a choice and giving a reason. That’s the way you can not only keep motivated but also keep being on the track.

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